Q & A with Michael Falzon

By Diana Simmonds Feature Posted on November 18 2008

Michael Falzon appears in Sydney as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Metro, November 18. He submitted to a question and answer session for StageNoise

StageNoise: Tell us about Hedwig

Michael: She's a little fucked up, poor thing. She grew up in a loveless family (as a boy!) in East Berlin before the fall of the Wall, and has been on a quest ever since to find her other half. She's brash, funny, hard and sad.

Q: How is your angry inch?

A: There are actually two in the show – my inch (took me some time to find it) which is fine thanks!The other “Angry Inch” is the name of my band. Led by Tina Harris, they entirely rock.

Q: Do you mind being a sex symbol?

A: What, me or Hedwig?? Either way I don't feel like one, especially in this latest show. However, to be honest I can't pretend I would mind if I were. Hmm, I think you have to have a six-pack though,don't you?

Q: You’ve said you have had to get in touch with your feminine side for Hedwig. Who is she and where did she come from?

A: Finding my femininity was aided over the years by being a bit “metro”, growing up with three sisters, and performing in a couple of G&S musicals and Hello Dolly!Hedwig had a relatively short rehearsal period and so Kelley Abbey (choreographer) showed me a few tricks on how a woman thinks and presents herself. Faaaaabulous!

Q: What’s your position on waxing?

A: Well, I'm not hairy -– naturally smooth chest – so I've never really had to do the waxing thing. My position I guess is that I'm a definite fan of it on other people ;-)

Q: I’ve been told your James Bond show is fantastic, would you tell us about it?

A: OOH James! took a year to develop through my company SMA Productions. We launched it to the special events market in 2007 to to coincide with the new Bond flick. Essentially, its a parody on the different 007 eras, showcasing Bond songs from Duran Duran to John Barry and Tom Jones – three guys taking the piss, singing very loud and very high! It has especially gone well through our company in the UK. Go figure.

Q: Which is your favourite Bond: Connery, Brosnan, Dalton, Moore, Craig or Lazenby? And why or why not?

A: Haven't seen the new one yet but I really like Daniel Craig. A grittier, dirtier Bond. Though, you gotta love all the old one-liners of the Connery and Moore films – “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!”

Q: A bit of biography: when did you start performing?

A: I started in Brissy in around '92 (I think) in an eight-part vocal group called VocalPoint. We did a lot of close harmony – Manhattan Transfer, gospel etc – at many events and in cabaret around Australasia. It was through those gigs I met Simon Gallaher and he invited me to audition for my first musical The Pirates of Penzance, in which Jon English mercilessly took the piss out of me – I was the “pretty” pirate, third from the right.

Q: What’s your family background, where did you go to school?

A: My father came to Sydney from Malta at age six. My mother, I think had links back to the First Fleet. I grew up in Bass Hill and Ambarvale before I moved with my family to Brisbane where I spent many of my high school years. I had a mostly private school education though my teens were spent up the road from our house at Kelvin Grove S.H.S. as it had a tremendous drama department.

Q: Were you a good boy or a mucker up?

A: Definitely a mucker-upperer! A friend and I once got in trouble for demolishing an old piano and hiding its pieces throughout the backstage area of the school hall. I was also dubbed the “Extension King” by friends and teachers alike as I never handed ANYTHING in on time. I later deferred from studying English and Psychology at University of Queensland: they're still waiting.

Q: First kiss was:

A: Pecks, I'm sure don't count, but the one I really remember was Toni-Maree, grade 7, behind the sheds. Nothing else ever happened!

Q: If you’re cooking, what do you cook? (Do you cook?)

A: I LOVE pasta,. so I don't cook much for fear of getting fat. I'm actually a bit of a snacker, a salad here, a piece of fish there, but nothing too elaborate.

Q: Are you domesticated?

A: Um, in what way?? Yes, I put the toilet seat down, even when I'm by myself. I make my bed (almost) daily and love to neatly organise my clutter;-)

Q: Any stain removing tips you’d like to pass on?

A: There is a great drycleaner in Bronte on the corner of Murray and Belgrave Streets.Ask for Elly and tell them Michael sent you!

Q: Did you always want to sing and perform?

A: I don't know, I just always have. Like most kids I used to put on little shows at home and make videos and tapes. I guess I never stopped.

Q: If you did something else what would it be?

A: Well, I have my production companies in Sydney and London and so when I'm not performing I work pretty hard in those businesses. It's actually quite nice to have a break from each from time to time to do the other. So if I weren't performing, I'd be employing performers!

Q: Who are your heroes/heroines?

A: “Hero” is quite a hard badge to bestow but I reckon I've been very fortunate to work with a couple of my musical heroes in Queen and Jeff Wayne. My mum was my heroine (and continues to be even ten years since her death), as are my sisters.

Q: Are you superstitious?

A: Nup. Not at all.

Q: What do you believe in?

A: Suddenly gotten deep, haven't we? I believe that nobody does it for you; any achievement is made through one's own work – “It wasn't meant to be” doesn't cut it for me, or you can just go on Big Brother or Idol.

Q: What are your goals – personal and professional?

A: Personally, I'd like to take more time out; to travel and chill. Professionally however I'd like to produce more while taking on more challenging roles! Unfortunately a little mutually exclusive.

Q: Would you have voted McCain or Obama?

A: Obama.

Q: Why and why not?

A: You have to ask “Why”???

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