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Amanda Harrison - The Story Goes On

Amanda Harrison - The Story Goes On

By Bob Fortune
September 11 2006

Amanda Harrison’s new cabaret show should really be titled, The Story Begins. This short, sharp, cabaret piece details Harrison’s life up until today with an interesting mix of songs that blends pop with contemporary and older musical theatre selections.

Not nearly long enough, The Story Goes On, never the less serves as a wonderful showcase for Harrison’s talents and boy is she talented! This lady can sing with the best of them. Her version of Only The Good Die Young was heartfelt, emotional and raw while other songs like The Winner Takes It All, Your Daddy’s Son and Baby Mine found their mark with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

Some of the patter between songs seemed a little hurried and unnatural but I feel that was most likely due to the shift in venue and the fact that this is, after all, Harrison’s first shot at cabaret. Don’t forget singing within the intimate confines of the Statement Cabaret Lounge isn’t exactly the same as singing in front of thousands of fans with super star rockers Queen behind you.

Amanda Harrison - The Story Goes On

Still, this is an excellent show and deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. It isn’t every day you have a chance to see one of Australia’s premier musical theatre stars up close.



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