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By Felicity Dayhew
October 27 2014

THE 26 STOREY TREEHOUSE, Sydney Opera House  3-25 January 2015 and touring visit for the latest information. Photography by Branco Gaica: Matthew Lilley, James Lee Andrew, Andrew Johnson and Eliza Logan; 

Sharks, undies and pirates! You get all this if you venture into the world of The 26 Storey Treehouse. Laugh your heart out and watch as Andy and Terry invite you up to their very different home.

The set is amazing, using only a metal frame, a couple of props and a projection screen. The scenes go from underwater to the top of a building, yet the set still looks like both when needed.

I personally prefer the play, which has been adapted by Richard Tulloch, to the book. It is done in a creative way with a fun script, first-rate costumes and brings the book to life. One of the only things I found if you had read the book, you would realise it doesn’t stick to the book as much as it could. Although it would be hard to recreate the 341 action packed pages that Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton put together!

However my brother James (aged 9) was pleased to see one of his favourite funny bits was in the play – you know when Terry tries to wash his underpants in the man-eating shark tank and the Shark has to have “open shark surgery”!


The actors Andrew Johnson, Matthew Lilley, James Lee and Eliza Logan brought out the hilariousness of this imaginative world of craziness. If you missed this fun production last holidays luckily you can catch it next school holidays in January 2015.

I recommend this to kids aged 5-10 years especially boys however my grandmother and other adults were laughing as well.



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