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January 19 2017

AIR PLAY, State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne, 18-22 January 2017. Photography by Florence Montmare

As someone who has an abject fear of balloons (bursting) it was with   slight trepidation that I entered the vastness of the State Theatre. I was comforted by the number of children entering with not a care in the world and eagerly excited. It is that world of the child that captures your heart. No words are required.

That is what Air Play gives you: a world of joy with few words, a magic circle of fans, balloons and umbrellas and bolts of silk fabric that fly, your eyes drawn to the flight, your ears taken on a musical journey.

Air Play, conceived and created by the New York duo Seth Bloom (brother) and Christina Gelsone (sister) with direction by West Hyler brings you into their world of sibling rivalry with humour and affection. It looks simple but I have no doubt that ensuring the air sculptures (by artist Daniel Wurtzel) keep flying as well as keeping the audience involved takes skill and comedic clown timing.

There is fun as audience members are asked to assist with catching flying balloon balls, and then the “keep the balloon flying” routine to squeals of delight from both young and old. A truly wondrous moment was the solar system, complete with falling stars.


The antics continue as giant balloons take centre stage and engulf the performers; this is a very funny, laugh out loud moment coupled with pathos.

What more could you want during school holidays? Forget the tennis and take the kids and yourself off to Air Play for a bit of light relief, fun and flying beauty and mayhem.



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