Wednesday February 20, 2019

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Henry V

Henry V


March 16 - 24, 2018

Cardross Hall, 299 Dairtnunk Ave
Cardross, VIC



At the end of the world, a time of destruction and hopelessness, Henry Plantagenet, under the ghostly shadow of his royal lineage strikes out to take the newly fortified French empire, formed from the stronghold of surviving provinces, under the rule of an autocratic queen. With a small misfit army, against all odds he wins the day at Agincourt and petitions the French crown to forge the two countries in a powerful alliance of strength.

Red Cliffs Players at their best take to the stage for this brilliant post-apocalyptic retelling of Shakespeare's classic tale using his original language. We are encouraging our audiences to become Henry's strength and come dressed in the style of a dystopian future and really set the mood for this all encompassing theatre experience.

Drinks and snacks will be available at bar prices.


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