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It's Not Funny

It's Not Funny


April 9 - 22, 2018

Tasma Terrace 6 Parliament Pl East Melbourne 3002
Melbourne, VIC



Few things bring us together like death does. In her debut solo show, improviser and comedian Fiannah de Rue (The Improv Conspiracy) invites you to shift uncomfortably in your seat as she talks you through the time her dad died. Don’t laugh, It’s Not Funny.

A whirlwind of sketches and storytelling where you will meet family, friends and miscellaneous locals. Death affects all of us, yet we tip-toe around it, suppressing unexpected giggles and never knowing the right thing to say. Fiannah welcomes you in to her unique view of the world (that has been likened to that of a stoned thirteen year old boy) and invites you to giggle along with her at those funny little pearls you find in the dark gloomy oyster of death. Sometimes, it is funny, and it’s okay to laugh.

Fiannah de Rue is a regular performer at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre and was widely praised for her stand-out performance in the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival with sketch comedy troupe Bess County. In her debut solo show, de Rue promises to deliver more eccentric and delightful characters as well as hilarious and heartfelt true stories.
Directed by Hayley Tantau (Cindy Salmon, Foxtel’s The Slot), It’s Not Funny runs from April 9th - 22nd. Bookings recommended.


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