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Unveiling - Gay Secks 4 Endtiems

Unveiling - Gay Secks 4 Endtiems


July 17 - 21, 2018

Gallery at the Bondi Pavillion, 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026
Bondi, NSW

Website: https://www.bondifeast.com.au/event/unveiling-gay-sex-for-endtimes/#


Behold! The Second Coming.

Perth Deviants Renegade Productions are bringing their Psychedelic Queer Fantasia to BONDI FEAST

Unveiling: Gay Secks 4 Endtiems will run as part of Bondi Feast Festival’s Gallery space from
July 17th - 21st at 9pm.

Unveiling is a contemporary, perverse and hilarious reading of The Book of Revelation.
From boot-scooting, to the U.S Navy, a swarm of locusts, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz;
Unveiling reaches for higher meaning through a ritualistic extravaganza of BDSM, high camp,
religious ecstasy, and altered states of being,

Unveiling: Gay Secks 4 Endtiems is perverse, contemporary, joyous, and hilarious.

“Unveiling is what playmaking is all about”
- David Zampatti, The West Australian

“A Bloody and soaking mess”
- Laura Money, 4th wall media

“This is theatre you have to see”
-Grame Watson, OUTinPerth

Renegade Productions has long been one of Perth, WA’s most consistently exciting, boundary pushing
and ridiculous performance making companies, and we are so excited tobe taking Unveiling to NSW and
Bondi Feast

Unveiling: Gay Secks 4 Endtiems is a collaboration from Joe Hooligan Lui, Andrew Sutherland,
Jacinta Larcombe, and Michelle Aitken


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