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The Sorry Mum Project

The Sorry Mum Project


July 19 - 21, 2018

Mini Theatre at Bondi Pavilion, 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026
Bondi, NSW

Website: https://www.bondifeast.com.au/event/the-sorry-mum-project/


Recently writer and performer Pippa Ellams decided she should try to treat her Mum better. It’s not that she treats her that badly, they just clash as people. Mum loves the colour red, Pippa hates the colour red. Mum loves The Block, Pippa likes good T.V shows.

Point is, after everything they’ve been through Pippa feels like she’s never said ‘I’m sorry’ properly. So she thought no better time than now… at a festival… in front of everyone… and maybe her mother too. Join Pippa as she talks about her Mum and their ridiculous life together, in the hopes of making a show to apologise to her. Because just saying ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘thank you’ to the person who literally made you exist doesn’t quite cut it.

The Sorry Mum Project is an autobiographical, REAL (if not slightly OTT) apology-cum-performance work dedicated to Pippa’s Mum.


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