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The Late Night Buffet

The Late Night Buffet


July 26 - 28, 2018

The Parlour @ Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi
Sydney, NSW

Website: http://www.bondifeast.com.au


Ladies and gentlemen, you’re invited to enjoy some deliciously tantalising late-night fun, because The Late Night Buffet is coming to Bondi and it promises a debauched degustation of burlesque, comedy and circus.

This saucy show serves up some of Australia’s top international performers in an hour of fun filled variety acts for adults. It features Sydney’s own queen of quirk Rosie Rivette, garbage-glamour showgirl Lou P Scarlett, juggling genius Daniel Gorski, Brisbane’s smoothest show host and comedian Dani Cabs, aerial Adonis Stephen Williams and burlesque beauty Natalya Alessi.

And once your appetite is whetted you’ll know the fun has just begun. This show will tantalise your taste buds then morph into a party you will never forget.

Part of the annual Bondi Feast, winter fringe festival, The Late Night Buffet is presented by boutique entertainment company, Plastik Soup. Director and performer, Natalya Alessi says, “Enjoy the show then stay and let loose. The Late Night Buffet will burst the tent’s seams and transform the night into a frivolous party for all.”

The Late Night Buffet
Where: The Parlour, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi
When: Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July
Time: 10pm.
Cost: $30

Tickets available at http://www.bondifeast.com.au
For more info head to http://www.plastiksoup.com


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