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YEN by Anna Jordan

YEN by Anna Jordan


September 27 - October 13, 2018

Kings Cross Theatre
Sydney, NSW



“I’m Bobbie. As in Bobbie Dazzler, my Nan says, although I don’t know who that is. And this is my brother Hench. He’s got a face for radio.”

Hench is 16, Bobbie is 14. They’re home alone in Feltham with their dog Taliban; playing PlayStation, streaming porn, watching the world go by. Sometimes their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises.

Then Jenny shows up.

YEN poignantly explores a childhood lived without boundaries and the consequences of being forced to grow up on your own.

Written by Anna Jordan
Directed by Lucy Clements
Produced by Loredana Cross
Production Managed by Christopher Starnawski
Set and Costume Designed by Ester Karuso-Thurn
Sound Designed by Chrysoulla Markoulli
Lighting Designed by Louise Mason

With Ryan Hodson, Jeremi Campese, Meg Clarke and Hayley Pearl

7:30pm Thursday 27th September 2018 (Preview)
7:30pm Friday 28th September 2018 (Preview)
7:30pm Saturday 29th September 2018 (Preview)
5:00pm Sunday 30th September 2018 (Preview)
7:30pm Tuesday 2nd October 2018 (Preview)
7:30pm Wednesday 3rd October 2018: Opening Night
7:30pm Thursday 4th October 2018
7:30pm Friday 5th October 2018
7:30pm Saturday 6th October 2018
5:00pm Sunday 7th October 2018
7:30pm Tuesday 9th October 2018
7:30pm Wednesday 10th October 2018
7:30pm Thursday 11th October 2018
7:30pm Friday 12th October 2018
1:00pm Saturday 13th October 2018: Matinee performance, followed by a panel discussion with Associate Professor Rita Shackel from the University of Sydney, cast and creatives. Proceeds of this production go to Blue Knot Foundation.
7:30pm Saturday 13th October 2018: Closing Night

School Performances are also on offer, visit for more information and to book tickets


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