Sunday July 21, 2019

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February 6 - 23, 2019

Belvoir Theatre Downstairs, 25 Belvoir Street
Surry Hills, NSW



A new production of Louris van de Geer's play TUESDAY opens Belvoir's 25A independent theatre season for 2019 next week. TUESDAY is an intricate satire of social alienation, unravelling in a suburban supermarket. Equal parts David Attenborough documentary on suburbia and a darkly funny Cohen Brothers film; van de Geer's dry humour explores the nature of violence as well as the flawed nature of our commodified communities.

Director Nell Ranney says "we all know what it's like to do the grocery shopping without ever making eye contact with the people walking up and down the aisles alongside you. It's the perfect setting to ask what's going on in the heads of our neighbours."

"Louris van de Geer has a keen eye....a natural and engaging writing style that illuminates her characters' interior worlds set against an increasingly sinister external one." - The Age

Duncan Fellows (The Letdown), Frances Duca (Ali's Wedding), Tom Anson Mesker (Belvoir's A Taste of Honey) and recent NIDA graduate Bridie McKim will play four people whose lives are brought together in a supermarket.

TUESDAY runs from 6-23 February at Belvoir St Theatre's Downstairs Theatre, as part of 25A.
Tickets from $20-$25, available at


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