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The Hope Song

The Hope Song


September 18 - 22, 2019

Flight Path Theatre 142 Addison Road
Marrickville, NSW



7 honest, humorous, hearty, life affirming stories that will leave you with feelings of hope and inspiration in whats often seen as a too hard basket.

The Hope Song’ centres around the real experiences of 7 different people with various mental health challenges. Writer Janet Brown interviewed 7 people, asked each of them the same questions, and the production shares the answers and stories through the voices of 7 incredible actors. Through these stories we want to encourage people to talk openly about mental health. Our subjects are managing their struggles, thriving, spirited and humorous in their awareness and disclosures. We need to demystify mental health issues and allow people the relief and comfort in knowing there are others like them and here to listen and support them.

Australian Actor Socratis Otto makes his theater directorial debut with Richard Cotter, Emma Dalton, Mel Day, Chantelle Gardiner, Grand Lyndon and Di Smith and live music by Leonie Kingdon and Grant Gould. This truly is like no other show in the Sydney Fringe 2019 line up


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