Tuesday September 22, 2020

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March 26 - 28, 2020

SIGNAL, Northbank, Flinders Walk, Melbourne CBD, 3000
Melbourne, VIC

Website: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2020/shows/lotus


LOTUS is Chi Nguyen's solo cabaret show about her outrageous life as a Vietnamese immigrant in Australia. After a Best Cabaret - 2019 Melbourne Fringe Award nomination and sold-out closing night, LOTUS is back by popular demand to Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2020.

Why did Chi give herself a White name and use it for five years? Will she ever recover from mispronouncing ‘cement’ as ‘semen’ at an audition? What did she do when her parents thought she wanted to be vegetarian because she joined a cult? All will be answered in this race-in-your-face hour Australia has been waiting for.

Featured original songs include 'Welcome to Australia (Said Every White Person I've Met)', 'Google Translate Saved My Life' and 'I’m a Banana (Yellow Outside, White Inside)'; so catchy it is impossible not to sing along (seriously, English is Chi’s second language so the lyrics are very simple to repeat).

If anything, come for the Vietnamese coffee and rice paper rolls Chi will be making on stage!

Packed with audacious anecdotes, unapologetic confidence and satire drier than your Chardonnay, LOTUS promises to warm your heart and make you laugh your ass(imilation) off!

'Chi is such a talent! And her story is so important, in a time where so many Australians refuse to acknowledge their privilege and show empathy for immigrants and refugees.' Audience member

'Incredibly beautiful and hilarious and important... definitely the BEST thing I\'ve seen in a long time!' Audience member


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