Friday May 27, 2022

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Tell Me Before The Sun Explodes

Tell Me Before The Sun Explodes


May 4 - 15, 2022

Kings Cross Theatre, 244-246 William St



“When the sun explodes we still get eight minutes of light, right? Hanging in the shadow of something once so great that is now disappearing before our eyes.”

When the sun explodes a countdown begins. Eight minutes until all the light we received is lost from Earth for good.

But what can you do in eight minutes?

From cockroaches to cancer to choreographed gay wedding dances, fifty-four-year-old Andrew and twenty-something Chris hang in the remnants of what they’ve left behind and in the possibility of what comes after. Tell Me Before The Sun Explodes is an intergenerational queer exploration of the goodbyes we have to say, and how the words gay and dead are used in the same sentence more than we’d like to admit.

Following the success of This Genuine Moment in Sydney and Melbourne, Jacob Parker and Hayden Tonazzi pair up again to share a story about how we try and say goodbye to a thing we’ve already lost.

“You need to beg, borrow, or steal a ticket to his show - FIVE STARS” Weekend Notes
“This Genuine Moment is a magic moment of theatre for Midsumma - FOUR STARS” Time Out
“Here is a ‘coming out’ drama that is far superior to so many others in its honesty, in the quality of the writing, and in the complexity of the characters.” Stage Whispers


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