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Love Song by John Kolvenbach at the Sydney Fringe Festival

Love Song by John Kolvenbach at the Sydney Fringe Festival


September 16 - 25, 2022

Darlo Drama, Level 1, 16-18 Oxford Square
Darlinghurst, NSW



Love Song by John Kolvenbach


Beane is a loner, a misfit. On the fringe of life, the walls are closing in and the light's starting to dim.
His sister Joan and her husband Harry are at a loss as to how to help him. In fact, they could do with a little help themselves.
Then Beane meets Molly. All of a sudden, the love songs make sense and Beane's contagious joy changes them all.
Love Song by John Kolvenbach, directed by Glen Hamilton with Romney Hamilton, David Hodgkins, Melinda Jensen and Nick Roberts.

16 – 25 September 2022
Darlo Drama Studio Theatre
Level 1, 16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Adult: $30 / Concession: $26

“Richly comic and deeply touching. Outstanding. A smashing, compassionate new play.“ Daily Telegraph (London)

“This play restored my faith in the stage as a place to reveal important ideas and powerful emotions.” Stage Whispers

“What should be treasured most about John Kolvenbach’s play, LOVE SONG…is the fact that it is a work of, by and for the live stage. It is the stuff of pure theatre. Its language, relationships, imagery and overall world view are deeply rooted in the hothouse atmosphere of that most intimate and fantastical forum. As the title suggests, love is a major element in the equation: married love, imagined love, desperate love, withered love, love lost, love reborn, love as argument, love as phantasm, love as liberator, love as anarchic spark, love as sanity, love as self-knowledge, love as a gateway to the senses. But, of course, if love is in the picture, so are loneliness and a certain madness. Mix this all together and you’ve got a quite a volatile concoction. LOVE SONG is about nothing less than the chaos of being human, and the yearning for everything.” Chicago Sun-Times


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