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Too Human


July 5 - 20, 2024

KXT on Broadway (181 Broadway, Ultimo)
Sydney, NSW



"To be human is to be an impenetrable riddle. How can I be accepted if nobody understands me?"

14-year old Monty attends St. Artemis School for Mythical Creatures, an average high school for ordinary kids – who all just happen to be half-human, half-animal (her secret crush is literally a Sphinx). She shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in. Her dad is a minotaur, and her mother a mermaid – that should make her a bull/fish, right...? Unfortunately, she received the human half of both her parents... meaning she just looks like... a regular girl.

With the Year 8 Disco coming up (cue 80’s music and radical dance moves) she’s desperate to be like all the other kids. How far will she go to fit in? And is it really so bad for her to just be herself?

From emerging actor and writer Michael McStay, Too Human is a hilarious new play about growing up mixed-race and finding (and celebrating) your identity.

Part mythology comedy, part John Hughes coming-of-age story, and 100% human.

A play by Michael McStay
Directed by Sammy Jing
5–20 JULY • KXT on Broadway (181 Broadway, Ultimo)

Adult $45 / Concession $35 /Previews $30 (5, 6, 7 & 9 July)
7:30pm Tues - Saturday / 5pm Sunday


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