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By Diana Simmonds
November 8 2016

Hazelhurst At Night: Celebrating “Our Stars” – Nganampa Kililpil, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Kingsway, Gymea; 6-9pm, 11 November 2016. Photography: above Nyukana Norris of the APY Women’s Collaborative Kungkarangkalpa Seven Sisters, at Kaltjiti Arts, Fregon. Below: APY Lands artist/Tjanpi Desert Weavers collaboration Punu Kutjara – Two Trees; l-r: Mary Katajuku Pan, Illawanti Ungkutjuru Ken, Tjunkaya Tapaya, Imiyari Frank, Niningka Lewis

Want an excuse for an evening excursion with a difference? Hazelhurst Regional Gallery is celebrating the Our Stars exhibition with an after-hours family event this Friday evening. 

Visitors can listen to the tunes of DJ ReWild (Emily Nichol), host of Making Tracks on Koori Radio. Hear Terry “Didj” Lane playing the didgeridoo as well as contribute to the public artwork of mapping Sutherland Shire or join in with family art making activities. These include origami constellations and tree sculptures. 

There will be activities especially for children and the Hazelhurst Café will also open for the evening with a wide variety of delicious food and drink to keep you going.

People can also listen to Art Talks including Robert Fuller from UNSW speaking on “The Euahlayi technique of navigation by teaching with star maps”. Hear Kamilaroi woman and UTS academic Rudi Bremer in a panel discussion and, of course, enjoy the unique exhibition of artworks from the APY Lands in central Australia. And this is what it’s all about...


“More than 100 artists and 70 works feature in this showcase of Indigenous art the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands – in northernmost South Australia near the border with the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The art-making in the region is focused around seven centres entirely owned and operated by Indigenous artists: Iwantja Arts, Mimili Maku Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Ernabella Arts, Tjala Arts, Tjungu Palya, and Ninuku Arts. 

Nganampa Kililpil: Our Stars features new and commissioned paintings, sculptures and textiles from artists working out of those centres, including Dickie Minyintiri, Pepai Jangala Carroll, Tjungkara Ken, Tiger Palpatja, Wingu Tingima, Hector Burton, Nellie Stewart, Harry Tjutjuna, Jimmy Donegan, Sandy Brumby, Tjampawa Katie Kawiny, Sylvia Ken, Ngupulya Pumani and Taylor Cooper. Highlights include two large scale collaborative paintings made by artists from all seven centres – one by a women's collective, the other by a men's collective.”



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