Monday June 17, 2024

About Stage Noise & Diana Simmonds

Diana Simmonds was the brainchild of Damian and Tim Madden, two brothers with a love of theatre, music, art and film. They launched the site in 2006 and asked Diana Simmonds to join them as eminence gris shortly afterwards. Since then Damian has become deeply involved in developing websites and life in general while Tim’s musical interests have developed into a life pursuit. Diana now runs stagenoise as a solo show with occasional guest contributors including Caroline Baum.

Diana Simmonds is one of Sydney’s best-known and most respected arts critics and commentators. Although it’s not particuarly fashionable Diana lives for the arts - theatre, music, opera, visual arts, books and the artists who make these essential things. She started writing critically and professionally in London, in the dark ages, on Time Out and City Limits magazines; in Australia, since 1985 she has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Bulletin, The Australian and the Sunday Telegraph. Despite this dubious pedigree she remains ungroovily on the Left of politics. Diana is the author of a number of books of fiction and non-fiction but the elusive bestseller remains elusive. She is a longtime supporter of the Sydney Swans and West Ham FC, that’s stated so that would-be blackmailers can nick off. Diana has been accused of having an unnatural relationship with her PowerBook as the two are rarely parted. This is why she thinks getting involved with Damian and Tim in is the coolest thing since she acquired a Chillow.




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