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Blue Eyes and Heels

Blue Eyes and Heels

By Gabby Bermingham
October 19 2006

There is nothing more satisfying than watching great characters, witty and insightful dialogue, clever timing, the resonance of universal themes and the well-crafted narrative arc.

These are delivered in a most intelligent way in ‘Blue Eyes and Heels’ a play written by Toby Whithouse, currently playing at the Darlinghurst Theatre. From the outset, the audience feels reassured that we are in most capable hands as the energetic, funny, biting and at times poignant tale unfolds. In the sad reality of TV world, shown in Whithouse’s play, the battle for hearts and minds of the audience is rarely won by the champions of good taste, depth and intelligence.

‘Blue Eyes and Heels’ focuses on Duncan, an ambitious young TV producer, realised beautifully by Patrick Brammal, who is looking for the next big thing, hoping to be the one to bring a ratings hit to his bosses.

No idea is too ridiculous as long as it works and he can take the credit. Hence his attempt to bring back wrestling. We meet The Count of Monty Cristo: Victor, played with just the right amount of clumsiness, heart and simple enthusiasm by John McNeil. Together with Sandra Eldrige, a PA, we hear the arguments for and against the good the bad and the ugly of television. All three actors maintain the momentum as the story builds and you just know that, unlike TV, there will not be happy endings and cheering for all.

The play provides valid and insightful commentary on what I assume is modern media morality. One feature I particularly loved was the development of Duncan’s character. On the one hand he is supercilious, insincere and heartless. Hand in hand with these undesirable qualities is the fact that he is also a true believer. He is the voice of popular culture, he believes his own spin, and the value of what he ‘creates’.I also could not let this go without noting that Whithouse chooses the female character to give voice to the arguments for taste, intelligence and ethics.

Blue Eyes and Heels


I thoroughly recommend this performance on every level and I just hope that many more people get to experience such a great work.It is playing until 28th October.



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