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Meet You at the Mona Lisa

Meet You at the Mona Lisa

By Scott Kimpton
September 19 2006

Meet You at the Mona Lisa is a new Australian ensemble cabaret/musical written by Beth Daley and Ian Jefferson. The show is based on travel notes that were compiled while on a backpacking expedition across Europe in 1984 and 'Lets Go Europe!' The show tells the story of 6 characters who all have different reasons for leaving their life in Australia to follow their dreams in Europe. The audience then follows their itineraries as they travel throughout the European cities.

The musical is well paced with some great songs, strong characters and good staging. The story is woven together cleverly and time flies as you get caught up in the individual storylines: before you know it you have been taken to Paris, Monte Carlo, Salzburg, Copenhagen and back to Australia again. The cast is strong with some excellent performances and it is also musically perfect, being held together by Geoff Castles who is one of the most talented young musical directors working at the moment.

This is the third time Meet You at the Mona Lisa has been staged. After previous incarnations the show has been reworked and rewritten and this current version has lost one character. However, it works, so I strongly recommend going to see this production and helping support a new Australian musical. Ian Jefferson and Beth Daly should be applauded for writing some new content which is funny, poignant and not another production of Les Mis or Annie Get Your Gun (albeit a homage to The Sound of Music!)

Meet You at the Mona Lisa



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