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By Rachel Gaines
September 18 2006

When I heard that Rockdale Musical Society were doing Shout! I was a little surprised. It wasn’t that long ago that the show was on professionally (well it doesn’t seem like that long ago!) and my memory of the show gave me the impression that this would be a difficult production to pull off without the backing of big time investors.

However, Rockdale have really been turning on the premieres recently and have slowly started to develop a name for themselves for presenting new and interesting shows to audiences. This mindset is something we at fully support! While Carousel and Pirates of Penzance are good every once in a while, if community theatre is to survive it needs to be daring, it needs to be new.

Onto the show! What Rockdale have produced here is a nice little production that works well within the confines of amateur theatre. They’ve dreamt big and have given us a show that does everything you could ask it to, it takes what it has at its disposal and gives the audience an enjoyable night at the theatre.

The cast do a fabulous job of bringing the music of the Wild One to life and particular mention must go to Michael Astill in the lead role who does an excellent job of recreating this icon.


An enjoyable production that proves that community theatre is just getting better and better. For the price it is a great night out!



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