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Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts

September 22 2006

George Ogilvie, AM, is an actor and director of theatre, TV and film whose 50-year career is so dazzling you'll need shades to read about it. Mad Max, The Shiralee, The Dismissal and Bodyline are a few screen credits; and he's directed and appeared on every major stage in the country and overseas.

In 1982 he scored a unique trifecta: concurrent productions in the Sydney Opera House. They were Lucrezia Borgia with Joan Sutherland; Coppelia for the Australian Ballet and You Can’t Take It With You for Sydney Theatre Company.

His determination and dedication in the face of all odds are a testament to passion and a talent well used. He’s one of a kind and his own story is now available to inspire a new generation.

Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts: a Life in Theatre, by George Ogilvie, Currency Press $34.95pb; $59.95hb.



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